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In February 2019, the municipal council of Deauville and many members of the Deauville Yacht Club were present alongside Eric Delamare for the baptism of his new boat, the Figaro III.

© Naïade Plante
© Naïade Plante
© Alexis Courcoux

He made his first year in Figaro 2019 in 3, notably by participating in the Solo Maitre Coq and La Solitaire URGO Le Figaro, which he finished in 34th place. The City of Deauville has been supporting the young skipper since 2017. For many years, it has been regularly committing to supporting young talents - notably in the field of culture through the Festival Planche (s) Contact or the Easter Festival. Encouraging sports and facilitating access to culture are also priority axes of the educational policy carried out in the territory.

A responsible commitment for the young Deauvillais

The City of Deauville and the Deauville Yacht Club will provide financial support respectively. In return, Eric Delamare's commitment takes several forms:
- His boat wears the colors of Deauville.
- In contact with the City and the DYC, he shares his experience on Deauville's websites and social networks.
- He is more particularly committed to organizing exchanges with the school children of Deauville: the youngest of the Fracasse school, the young graduates of the DYC but also with the high school students who are members of the UNSS voile and the future students of the section sailing school sport of Maurois.

© Alexis Courcoux

Eric Delamare

His portrait here

 I remain a true Normand, who wears the colors of Normandy

Le Figaro III: a new generation of boat

Successor to the Figaro Bénéteau II designed by Marc Lombard, in service since 2003 and built in over a hundred copies, the new Figaro Bénéteau 3 enters service in 2019, to line up at the start of the various Figaro class races .
It is the first monotype monohull with foils of series ever imagined. Concentrated in technology and innovation, it is the fruit of a collaboration between the best experts of the Beneteau group and the architecture firm Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prévost (VPLP), architects of the last two winning boats in the Vendée Globe.
It was supplied by the company Top Marine, a Bénéteau dealer in Deauville and prepared by its owner, Eric Delamare.