As it was done in the cultural field through artistic residences for young photographers and musicians, the City of Deauville decided to sponsor Eric Delamare, young skipper of the Deauville Yacht Club.

© Patrick Derouaille

Last June, the Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro started from Deauville. Three days after the competition’s start, young skipper Cécile Laguette had not found a sponsor yet to fund her race. The City of Deauville decided to encourage her with a last-minute support. In return, Cécile accepted to sponsor a young skipper of the Deauville Yacht Club, Eric Delamare. Some months later, Eric Delamare is on the start line of the SOLITAIRE URGO LE FIGARO, and counts on the support of the Deauville Yacht Club – his first club – and the City of Deauville. He managed to convince the "Jeunes talents" (Young talents) jury of the Normandy Region, which will support him for the next two years.

In return, his boat will bear the colours of Deauville and, throughout the sailing season, he will share his experience on Deauville websites and social networks. He also committed to organize exchanges with the students of Deauville: younger students, at the Fracasse school, young members of the Deauville Yacht club, and especially, young high-school students, members of the UNSS voile and the future students of the sports school section of the high-school/secondary school André Maurois.

© Patrick Derouaille

Éric Delamare

A young Norman skipper

2017 competition agenda 2017

January & February 2017: course about “Electronic management and knowledge on board”
March 2017: ISAF course about marine survival
From March 15th to 19th: Solo Normandie – Granville > Cherbourg
March 22nd: Back to Deauville
From April 4th to 9th: Solo Concarneau Guy Cotten
From April 21st to 30th: Solo Maître Coq – Les Sables d’Olonne
From May 25th to June 4th: Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro – Bordeaux