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Do you like to write? That's good !

Get started with writing with the news contest from the Villers-sur-Mer Book Fair

Do you have imagination, do you like to write but have always lacked free time? Why not take advantage of this period of confinement to get started? The Villers-sur-Mer book fair invites you to participate in its news contest!

Created in 2015 with the Villers-sur-Mer book fair, the news contest wants to give a creative and participative dimension to the literary event. Each year, the theme of the competition and the fair takes up the title of a film made by its sponsor Claude Lelouch. Over the editions, more and more participants are at the rendezvous and 83 news had been sent last year.

For this 2020 edition, this will be the title of the film There are days ... and moons.

A constraint for the participants: place the title in the short story which will be submitted to the jury. The news does not have to be related to the history of the film, it must simply repeat its title in the place and in the context of its choice at least once in the text.

Applications are open until midnight May 15 and the winners are announced during the show.

The jury is composed of three writers from the Société des Auteurs de Normandie (SADN), Gisèle Meunier, president of the jury, Marc Masse and Denis Brillet, as well as three inhabitants of Villers-sur-Mer, Nicole Chedru, president of the library association for all, Claudine Guiochon, creator and host of the literary café in Villers-sur-Mer and an elected official from the future municipal team.


The news must be sent in two non-stapled copies to InDeauville. No mention of name or pseudonym should be made on the manuscript and any distinctive sign will result in the elimination of the candidate.
In order to preserve anonymity, each participant will enclose a letter with their name, date of birth, postal, telephone and electronic contact details when sending.
In addition to mailing, the candidate will send an email to, with the subject line "2020 News Contest". In the body of the email, he / she will indicate his / her name, first name, date of birth, postal, telephone and electronic coordinates. The anonymous manuscript is to be attached in Word format.
The texts must be written in French, make less than 9 characters including spaces and must never have been published or won an award in another competition.

The full contest rules can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Villers-sur-Mer Book Fair

Janine Boissard in dedication at the Villers-sur-Mer Book Fair - © Clara Douet

Created in 2015, the fair invites each year about fifty authors and personalities to take advantage of a Sunday in Villers-sur-Mer to meet and exchange with their readers.

Novels, novels, comics, historical books, children's literature ... the fifty or so authors present offer very different works to the hundreds of visitors who come to the dedications.

Entertainment is also planned throughout the day with readings, literary cafes, round tables, entertainment for children and the awarding of the Nouvelle awards.

Filmmaker Claude Lelouch has sponsored the Villers-sur-Mer book fair since its inception.

Exhibition curator: Bruno Amato (Administrator of the Société des Auteurs De Normandie)

"There are days ... and moons": more on the film

There are days ... and moons - Claude Lelouch

This film directed and produced by Claude Lelouch was released in April 1990. It deals with the time change and the influence of the Moon on some characters ...

Synopsis :
At the end of March, the clocks are adjusted for summer time. That night, precisely, is that of the full moon. There is tension in the air, the bad mood spreads like an epidemic, everyday life is upset, people no longer meet where it should be. A trucker hitchhikes a woman who has just married, a restaurateur and his wife are playing their future heads or tails, a surgeon is hesitant to marry. Tossed, thirteen characters are looking for, avoiding, crossing each other.

Fun anecdote, "There are days ... and moons" is the 31st film by Claude Lelouch, that the director shot in thirty-one days for the thirty years of Film 13, his production and distribution company of cinema.

In this first-rate casting film, we find Gérard Lanvin, Patrick Chesnais, Annie Girardot, Marie-Sophie L., Francis Huster, Vincent Lindon, Salomé Lelouch, Philippe Léotard, Gérard Darmon, Jacques Gamblin, Patrick Bruel and Anouk Aimée.

Claude Lelouch on the shooting of the film

There are days ... and moons - Claude Lelouch

Shot in thirty-one days, this thirty-first film - for the thirty years of Films 13 - has never stopped going faster than its shadow. A real premature birth. Will the child be normal? I had known other emergencies and I have fond memories of them: " A man and a woman », Twenty six days; " Good Year ", twenty eight, " Smic Smac Smoc ", Sept.

For " There are days ... and moons I even started filming before I thought about it. I'm trying to explain myself. The Normandy Regional Council commissioned me a thirteen minute film on Normandy. There too I have good memories and I accept. From there one image will push the other. The short film will be the start of the feature.

Our story can begin… We are in March and we are going to summer time….

One hour less and you miss a plane, a case, the woman of your life. In addition it is the famous full moon. The behaviors are exacerbated, tense and the bad mood spreads like an epidemic. Daily life no longer finds its mark, destinies no longer meet in the right place. A second can change a life… imagine an hour! For the past fifty-two years, every morning, I have had the feeling that the day is coming, and that once again it's worth going there.

Conversely "There are days ... and moons" speaks of those days when we should not have gone there. These days when the infinitely large has fun with our infinitely small, when we make others laugh and cry because it is not our day…

But if in addition it is not our moon, then we no longer have any protection and the star of killers and lovers can give it our heart! This is how this love story between the everyday and the irrational was born in a rush.

Why does the moon have the power to make and break couples faster than usual? Why does she need human sacrifice? Are there lives where we learn to love each other? And lives where we really love?
Who has fun with our hesitations? The whole universe? The moon in particular or just our imagination? This is what I wanted to film this year of great revolutions and a full moon evening.

Watch the trailer for the movie "There are days ... and moons"

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