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Wombee is the contact service for hotel clients. Responding to the codes of social networks, Wombee is now available in the form of a brand new free application and a responsive website. The user creates his profile, informs his hotels, and the dates when he stays there and then has access to all the people who are at the same time as him in his hotel. He can then chat with them and offer them activities: dining out, jogging with others, having a drink, co-worker…

The hotel values ​​its services while fully satisfying its customers. Wombee enriches the travelers' experience through meetings and sharing. Satisfaction is no longer only material, it also involves human contact created in hotels. Wombee also establishes a real relationship between travelers and the hotelier. Thanks to Wombee, each hotel stay becomes unique and real moments of life are built. The core business of the Norman start-up Wombee remains the Human. Travel differently and build loyalty through experience. Who will remember a banal evening spent in his hotel room watching TV? While a successful evening thanks to beautiful meetings remains in the memories of travelers.