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WiPath - Twelve Solutions

WiPath is a project led by Twelve Solutions in partnership with PathInterest (subsidiary of SoyHuCe). The goal of WiPath is to offer visitors to discover a territory without installing an application and without changing the interface between points of interest. A sort of ultimate multimedia tour guide for a territory.

The goal of Twelve Solutions was to experiment with their indoor geolocation solution coupled with the dissemination of contextualized content. The start-up collaborated with the Deauville International Center to collect crucial information on the ratio of devices with WiFi on compared to the number of visitors during events. The results made it possible to obtain a solid basis for improving the geolocation and content personalization algorithms (user behavior with regard to information and its positioning).

The other result of this experiment is the expression of specific needs related to geolocation in the Deauville International Center which opens the door to the development of web applications dedicated to specific events. The objective is to develop a range of innovative, unique, simplifying and easily foldable finished products.