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When a casino turns into a "liner"

On the Villerville embankment, facing the sea, this building that the Villervillais still call "The Casino" was built in 1939 in place of the old wooden casino of 1886 which contained a dance hall, theater, reading, small horses and a coffee shop. Transformed into a hotel-restaurant, it has just opened after a period of work under the name of "Le Paquebot". Completely redesigned inside, the project nevertheless retains its 1930s appearance with its lines, curves and portholes. The two floors, transformed into three levels, welcome 17 rooms, all with terrace facing the sea, and the ground floor a restaurant, a bar and a terrace of 130 m2.


The event that marked the history of the Villerville Casino

One day in October 1893, a whale ran aground on Villerville beach. Nicolas-Marie Simon, known as Simon-Max, singer and tenor in Paris (Opera-bouffe), then owner of the casino, had the imagination to make the interior of this whale a theater. After selling the oil and the flesh of the whale, the skin made it possible to shelter a hundred spectators and a scene at the level of the head of the whale. It was the highlight of the 1894 season! The season ended, the whale joined the Casino de Paris for the winter, but it burned in February 1895 in a fire.

Art Deco architecture on the Côte Fleurie

At the beginning of the XNUMXth century, architects did not like right angles and managed to round off the angles. The Art Nouveau and Art Deco trends then came up against the Anglo-Norman register. These styles are found on the inDeauville territory some masterful creations with a deliberately modern writing which advocates the simplicity of the forms and the sobriety. Rough concrete is preferred in this type of construction and we often find mosaics, enameled lava and ceramics on the details and ornamentation of the facades. Here are a few examples:

Villa Millaïa, Avenue du littoral, Bénerville-sur-Mer
Viewpoint, Boulevard de la mer, Deauville
Poker d'As, Rue de la falaise, Villers-sur-Mer

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