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Deauville - February 16, 2019

The whole universe of Harry Potter is invited again to Deauville on Saturday February 16 for a day entirely dedicated to the saga. All fans of the world of the famous sorcerer will travel to experience the multiple scheduled meetings intensely. To discover here!

Many events, stands, meetings, signing sessions and photos will punctuate the event. On this site, take your pass for the Deauville International Center where you will spend a day in the magical world of Harry Potter. In the evening, you can continue with a unique evening at the Salon des Ambassadeurs of the Casino Barrière for a dinner in the presence of two actors and actors from the French voices of the saga: "The Wizardings Evening".

A day when imagination will be in power in Deauville!

From 9am, meet us at the Deauville International Center to experience the universe of the magician:
- Harry Potter escape room
- Divination lessons
- Animations on a green background with Gargouille Production where you will pose and enter into the world of the sorcerer's apprentice
- A stand to discover the world of Cosplayers
- Flash tattoos by Deauville Ink
- A space to relax with books, games, storytelling (Audiolib), and Zen coloring pages
"The snack" will be present throughout the day to provide catering on site.
They will also be there in Harry Potter colors
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