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Escape in Thalasso with the care of the world

4 programs for a sensory journey

No need to fly to travel, the Thalassos of the Côte Fleurie offer a selection of treatments from elsewhere, inherited from Polynesian and Asian cultures that provide soothing of body and mind. Relaxing or invigorating, with monoi oil or hot stones, massages come from all over the world. For half a day or a week, we come to discover the ceremonial of the body, the harmony of the senses and exotic scents. 


To enjoy a wave of well-being with a thousand sensations, a Thalasso stopover at the heart of the different massage techniques from around the world is essential. First stop on this world tour in French Polynesia, with a Hei Poa monoi oil massage. A blend of Western and Polynesian techniques, it relaxes the muscles in depth and hydrates the skin thanks to the virtues of this oil based on Tiare flower. Its simple smell instantly plunges into the South Pacific. A little further north, the hot stone massage has its origins in Hawaii. While lying on the stomach, the pebbles heated between 50 ° C and 60 ° C arise along the spine on points of energy. Almost an hour of letting go, relaxation and detoxification of the body.



In Thalasso, every day is an escape. After the Pacific, the journey continues to India with Ayurvedic massage, an ancestral practice performed on the whole body with sesame oil. Its goal: to stimulate precise pressure points to allow a harmonious circulation of vital energy and therefore eliminate toxins, fatigue and muscle tension. More invigorating, Thai massage, a mixture of shiatsu, Ayurveda and yoga, tends mainly to treat back pain by combining pressure and stretching. The practitioner uses his hands, elbows but also his knees and feet to manipulate the whole body.

Of Japanese origin, Shiatsu uses the touch by the fingers and the palms on precise zones of the body like the meridians or the points of acupuncture to bring back the balance in the body. Another Japanese tradition, the Iyashi Dôme - or Japanese sauna - combines technological modernity and tradition to sweat intelligently. It emits dry heat by long infrared which causes intense sweating and activates the elimination of toxins.

Our selection of cures

Deauville Thalasso by Algotherm


Cure 5 Oceans, Polynesian stopover & Asian stopover - 1 to 5 days


In addition to eleven hydrotherapy treatments based on whirlpool baths, seaweed wraps and jet showers, the Cure 5 Oceans highlights the ancestral art of massage: Ayurvedic, hot stone and Shiatsu. For a single day in Thalasso, the choice is either on the Polynesian stopover (monoi massage) or the Eastern stopover (Thai or shiatsu massage).



Algotherm Thalasso Deauville

3 Sem Street
02 31 87 72 00

Thalassa Sea & Spa Institute, Cures Marines Trouville


My Break The Great Journey - 1 to 6 days


The softness of an African stone on the skin, the scent of a Pacific shell ... This program offers a selection of the best treatments for a journey of the senses. There are wraps based on green tea and cocoa beans or shea, massages with shells and monoi oil or hot stones and even a session of Japanese sauna.


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Thalassa Sea & Spa
Boulevard Cahotte
02 31 14 26 00