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Thank you for being there again, we were waiting for you

We have worked collectively - companies, cities, community of municipalities, associations - to welcome you with confidence in the eleven municipalities of our territory.

The inDeauville territory is affected, like many others, economically by the coronavirus crisis. Everything necessary to support tourist activity, businesses and the employees who depend on it has been implemented. Also, thank you for being there with us again.
We seek to protect and enhance this territory while respecting environmental, societal and economic balances.
What is important to us every day is to give meaning to our tourism: that it be a source of progress for you who visit us, for us who receive you.
Also, it seems important to us - to share here commitments, convictions and projects.

In companies that display this core, the charters of each profession are applied. Everyone has equipment to protect themselves and you. The number of people who can enter is indicated on the shop window. You will also find the opening hours of each and the indication of off-peak hours.
When necessary, public spaces have been rearranged so you can keep your distance. Some are reserved for pedestrians, sometimes with traffic directions. The terraces of our restaurants and cafes extend onto the public highway when possible.
On the beach, we invite you to follow the instructions posted and to use the spaces with discipline.
We clean and disinfect the streets where many people pass with an environmentally friendly product.
We invite you to respect the barrier gestures that are part of our daily life today and recommend wearing a mask.

Social ties, whether we are residents, occasional visitors, loyal or secondary residents, are our first asset.We consolidate them by organizing equal access for all to leisure facilities, services and events

Tourism is the primary resource of the territory. We have all worked so that it is exercised all year round in order to perpetuate our jobs and to reinforce the know-how, local productions and the craft industry from which it feeds.

Tourism is one of our poles of excellence with the equine sector, fishing and agriculture. By tasting our seafood, attending a horse race or cooking the vegetables of our market gardeners, you strengthen our businesses. By going off the beaten track - or by practicing new activities - you promote its development.

Our investments in high-level digital accessibility allow us to stay connected, work remotely, reduce our travel and our carbon footprint.

We have implemented careful management of bathing water and installed exemplary disposal systems for our waste. We educate everyone we meet about recycling and work on an energy program. The signing of the "Eco-beach restaurant" charter is the priority of the coastal municipalities. It aims to limit pollution, to raise awareness of the beauty of the coast, to consume locally and also invites you to participate in the protection actions that we carry out.

With our visits, workshops, routes, you will understand our environment - natural and built spaces, seaside heritage, marshes, cliffs, parks, beaches - and can contribute to its preservation. For our part, we continue to protect everything that needs to be protected: villas with the most breathtaking views.

We campaign for intensive use of cycling, walking and collective travel. Take our hiking and cycling trails.

We have established a balanced tourism development plan. This scheme is consistent with the coastal law. It promotes, among other things, the construction of social housing so that the inhabitants can live here; or the delimitation of areas for crafts.

Beyond the major spatial planning guidelines and the projects of each municipality, our project is:
- to enhance the visibility of our local businesses and their know-how;
- to set up a program to further promote the meeting and sharing and involvement of all in the life of the territory: festive times, network of ambassadors, shared and civic actions, platform for bartering of skills, materials and products ;
-to support the learning of digital tourism tools by creating an e-learning platform open to all;
-to adopt the "eco-resto-beach" charter for all businesses in the area
-to provide us with street furniture that facilitates the understanding and legibility of sorting instructions without distorting our public spaces;
-to continue as a priority, wherever possible, the development of soft circulation spaces.

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