Deauville Yacht Club - August 30 > September 1st, 2019


It’s the fourth edition of a great regatta of keelboats and sailing cabin boats. Let’s watch crews sailing and taking part in regattas! This meeting of old sailing boats is a great opportunity to live again part of the leisure sailing history of Deauville.

In the latest years, several meetings of old sailing boats - leading to the development of sailing in France -have been organized across the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Sailing boat owners or lovers decided to save them. They started to meet to bring them to the sea again and go back in time to an era in which sailing was intertwined with yachting.

Deauville was, before and immediately after the war, one of the best places for French leisure boating, as it hosted many cruising or racing yachts. Every year more traditional sailing boat meetings are organized in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Atlantic Ocean and off the coast of Northern Brittany. Thus, the Deauville Yacht Club has decided to organize this great meeting in the Seine Bay.

The regatta is only open to the following categories: traditional yachts built before 1979 or after 1979, but in a traditional way, one-design boats designed before 1968 (Dragon, Requin, Aile, MMM, 12m² du Havre, Star, Tofinou…) and metric series sailing boats (8M JI, 6M JI, 5.50, Daring…). The competitors are challenged on banana-shaped course races off Deauville for three days. The fleet runs perpendicular to the wind and head around a buoy on the wind axis.