16 mars 2018

Live Calvados with Calvados Experience

Discover Calvados Expérience, the brand-new Père Magloire Calvados Museum

In this brand new museum dedicated to the Norman elixir par excellence, Calvados, the visit becomes a multi-sensory experience where the five senses are awakened. You will be carried away by the story of Normandy and Calvados before discovering and immersing yourself in the heart of the production of the alcohol.

A multicultural project

Calvados Experience

On the premises of the Père Magloire Calvados distillery, located in Pont-l'Evêque since 1821. Calvados Père Magloire is a pioneer company in the representation of this Norman alcohol as it is one of the first brands to be registered with the INPI (National Institute for Intellectual Protection). A real institution, it is exported all over the world and reflects the know-how of Calvados in France and abroad, thus sharing the product of our know-how that everyone envies us. Today, Spirit France owns several major brands of Norman spirits such as Calvados Boulard, Lecompte and Magloire.

In 2014, the idea of an innovative and surprising museum project was born, revealing the secrets of Calvados production around an experiential tour, both historical and educational. This museum would take place in the distillery's premises, in the shed where the bottles of this delicious nectar are bottled and stored. In 2015, Père Magloire moved to Reux (Calvados) to a larger space that could store more than 5 million bottles, thus leaving all the space necessary for this fabulous project to take shape.

Thanks to the support of the Spirit France and Europe team, the communities of communes, the commune of Pont-l'Evêque, the tourism organizations and the region, this project has come to life over the years. A multicultural team has worked wholeheartedly alongside local producers to bring Calvados to life, to create a real experience and to tell a real story.


A multi-sensory experience

Camille David

As soon as you enter the museum, you are plunged into the darkness, the suspense grows when the history of Calvados begins, our senses are already alert. We are then guided through six different rooms, absorbed by the history of Normandy and then the birth of Calvados; name coming from Salvador, a ship of the Spanish Armada which ran aground on the Normandy coast in 1588. Salvador will become Calvador and then Calvados, we are told.

Guided by the effects of light and the reconstruction of a medieval village, we find ourselves in the heart of an orchard, learning the secrets of making Calvados by going to its origin: apples. The following rooms tell us about the mysteries and legends of its making, making us want to taste this nectar of the Gods.

The visit ends with a tasting of the finest Calvados from the Magloire cellar where you can learn to taste it pure as well as in cocktails with its colleagues: apple juice, cider and pommeau.

Discover the museum in pictures

In the heart of the Pays d'Auge

Live the Calvados Experience!

Camille David
Camille David
Camille David

Camille David

Camille David

Camille David


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