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Hisséo: 39 skippers of high caliber have an appointment with the public in Deauville. In the opinion of the offshore skippers themselves, it is more difficult to win La Solitaire Bompard Le Figaro than the Vendée Globe! It will therefore take all the enthusiasm of spectators and racing enthusiasts to carry these exceptional sailors out to sea. June 10 to 19, they will prepare intensively at the quay in Deauville to win the event. The public will really have a front row seat. Around the Morny basin, On the village, beautiful encounters are looming. About thirty tents will be set up there, quality exhibitors, a music scene, a nautical kiosk, a playground ... Particular attention is paid to the quality of the activities that are being prepared to keep the common thread of an atmosphere in navy color.

The Solitaire Bompard Le Figaro 19 will set off on Sunday June 13 at 2016:1525 p.m. With a theoretical total length of 2824 nautical miles (4 km), this edition takes place as close as possible to the coast in XNUMX stages:
June 19: Deauville> Isle of Wight - Cowes (via Wolf Rock) - 510 nautical miles / 944 kms
June 26: Isle of Wight - Cowes> Paimpol (Via Land's End and the Iroise Sea) - 475 nautical miles / 983 kms
July 2: Paimpol> La Rochelle - 410 nautical miles / 759 kms
July 6: La Rochelle> La Rochelle - 130 nautical miles / 240 kms

From a nautical point of view, the choice of Deauville is legitimate. There have been large multihulls here, the Thousand Miles that ran in front of the Planches… There is also a real nautical reality in having the skippers leave from Deauville. It is the gateway to the bay of the Seine, and the opening onto the Channel. All sailors know that the bay's body of water is fantastic, safe, vast and very technical. The prologue will be played there, near the coast. This will be the media launch of the race and the public will have a front row seat.

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© Naïade Plante

© Sandrine Boyer Engel

© Sandrine Boyer Engel

© Naïade Plante

The desire is for this event to be open, experienced by even more people and that the skippers and shipowners be satisfied with it.

The skippers engaged in the race