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Social ties, whether you're a local, an occasional visitor, a regular or a second home, are our greatest asset. All year long, we've been strengthening them by organizing equal access for all to leisure facilities, services and events, and by making exchanges at the heart of our tourism program.

Tourism is the first resource of the territory. We have all worked to ensure that it is available all year round in order to sustain our jobs and to strengthen the know-how, local production and craftsmanship on which it feeds.

It's also one of our centers of excellence, along with the equine industry, fishing and agriculture. By sampling our seafood, attending a horse race or cooking the vegetables of our market gardeners, you strengthen our businesses. By getting off the beaten track - or taking up new activities - you're helping them to grow. 

Our investments in high-level digital accessibility enable us to stay connected, work remotely, and reduce our travel and carbon footprint. Take advantage!

We implement meticulous bathing water management and have set up exemplary waste disposal systems. We educate everyone we meet about selective sorting and are working on an energy program. Signing the "Eco-resto plage" charter is a priority for coastal communities. It aims to limit pollution, raise awareness of the beauty of our coastline, encourage local consumption and invite you to take part in our protection actions.

With our visits, workshops and tours, you will understand our environment - natural and built spaces, seaside heritage, marshes, cliffs, parks, beaches - and contribute to its preservation. For our part, we continue to protect everything that needs to be protected: from villas to the most breathtaking viewpoints.

We promote the intensive use of bicycles, walking and public transport. Use our walking and cycling routes.

We have established a balanced tourism development plan. This plan is consistent with the coastal law. It favors, among other things, the construction of social housing so that the inhabitants can live here; or the delimitation of zones for crafts. 



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20 Place Lemercier
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