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© Massimo Vitali
© Sandrine Boyer
© City of Deauville

Deauville beach

Massimo Vitali was born in 1944 in Come, Italy. He began photographing beaches in 1994, first those near his Tuscan residence. He made regular observations there before extending his approach to other places in Italy, such as the leisure centers of Rimini, indoor swimming pools in Belgium or ski resorts in the Alps. The success that surrounds it is, no doubt, less due to the spectacular nature of its large formats presenting real collections of human beings than to the anthropological density of the company. He photographs urban or more rarely wild beaches. What he prefers is the interaction between the city and the leisure area represented by the beach.

In July 2011, Deauville offered it prime land with its beach, for its reputation, but also for its cultural and social mix. His bias was to photograph from the sea, on a camera stand that can reach seven meters.