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The André Hambourg museum
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Starting point of the reflection about the Franciscaines, it shows the donation made to the City by André Hambourg’s spouse, including 536 masterpieces painted from 1925 to 1999. Hambourg, painter of the Fleet, lithographer and designer, developed a representational art which found its inspiration in the “Côte Fleurie”.

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The donation will be complemented by about forty works collected by the artist or exchanged with his colleagues (Marie Laurencin, Foujita, Van Dongen, Derain…). In the museum space exclusively dedicated to the artist, a rotation of works will be organized to show to the public most of the paintings belonging to the collection. The profusion of drawings encourages the creation of a permanent space completely devoted to their valorisation.
Different themes will trace the evolution of André Hambourg’s paintings in the broader framework of the art history of that period, comparing his artistic production to that of other artists.