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A flourishing cultural life
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The cultural life of Deauville and the Franciscaines will combine. Some shows will be performed in the auditorium situated in the ancient Chapel, some festivals and major international events will take place or be extended here.

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Deauville cultural agenda is marked by six main events:
> American Film Festival;
> Easter Music Festival and Musical August welcoming in residence since 1996 some young soloists;
> Cultural season;
> Books and Music Festival, exploring each year new relations
between words and notes;
> “Planches Contact”, a festival of photographic creation.

The artist residences – about a dozen per year – may also flourish in an appropriate environment, propitious to organize meetings with the public.
The Franciscaines will also feel the beat of the other main events of the city: sport and equestrian or economic events will offer the opportunity to meet and share, essential values of this land.