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Five universes
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The Franciscaines site renews the usual separation among museums, media libraries and cultural areas, giving birth to a new concept that combines several cultural elements: books, paintings, photographies, prints, videos, music...

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Thousands of documents acquired by the city have been divided into five multifaceted universes, accessible in a very innovative way. Ideally, this experience should reproduce the Web users’ surfing from a subject to another. The Franciscanes will add recreational, interactive and intuitive sceneries to an environment designed for an excellent consultation.   Visitors may for example be captured by a movie played on a terminal in the “Deauville heritage” universe and then discover more about the director of this movie and his/her interesting connections with the city. Crossing the hallway, visitors can then reach the “Music, cinema, spectacle” universe to learn more about the director’s movies and career or associate directors…
In the Franciscaines site, visitors are active, free to choose among multiple proposed sceneries, itineraries and resources. They can explore at their own pace to increase their knowledge through an itinerary on the trail of collections in a welcoming place they end up turning into their own place.
At the opening of the Franciscaines, five universes will be accessible to the public:


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© Sandrine Boyer Engel