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Visit the stables of Haras d'Ecajeul, dive into the heart of the biggest sporting events at the Pôle International du Cheval Longines Deauville, follow in the footsteps of buyers during a horse sale, get involved behind the scenes at the Deauville-La racetracks Touques and Deauville-Clairefontaine ... For the first time, professionals from the equestrian world open their doors to you and invite you to discover behind the scenes. Horse stories to share inDeauville.

© Léo Lemasson

Visit the Haras d'Ecajeul and taste

May the 23


Jean-Luc and Isabelle Bara, owners of Haras d'Ecajeul, organize guided tours at the heart of their facilities. Jean-Luc guides visitors through the stables, the meadow and the loin round before reaching Isabelle and her 100% homemade pastries.


> 1h15 - from 6 €

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© Naïade Plante

Behind-the-scenes tour of a sporting event

June 10, 11, 12 and 13 / July 15, 16, 17 and 18 / August 12, 13 and 14


Going behind the scenes of the best equestrian competitions is now possible! The Pôle International du Cheval Longines-Deauville reveals the secrets of the organization and running of international show jumping and dressage competitions with guided tours.


> 1h - 12 €

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Visit of the Deauville-La Touques racecourse

From 3 to 29 August 2021


During the Deauville Barrière Meeting, when the racetrack is in full swing, dive into the world of horse racing.


> 45 minutes - 12 €

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Visit of the Deauville-Clairefontaine racecourse

From 4 July to 22 October 2021


Each morning of the races, guided tours of the racetrack are organized. From the balance room to the arrival post, the places reserved for professionals are exclusively accessible for the Summer Meeting! Tasting of a Norman aperitif at the end of the visit.


> 45 minutes - Free

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© Zuzanna Lupa

Backstage tour of a horse sale



Take advantage of a unique visit to discover the closed world of horse sales! Accompanied by a guide, go behind the scenes of a sale during which, by retracing the history of sales in Deauville, you will follow the journey of a buyer, from the inspection of horses in the courtyards to the passage in the ring.


> 30 minutes - 10 €