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Visit of Villerville - The Castle

Castle path


The castle is at the origin of the village, built even before the church. The first castle belonged to Richard de Villerville in the 1195s. It was destroyed during the Hundred Years War and was rebuilt in the 1450s with turrets and loopholes under the orders of Lord Robert de Grente. It was destroyed in 1767 by Louis Jacques Labbey in order to reconstruct a more up-to-date castle in a Louis XIII style.
Since the death of Lord Labbey the castle has passed into the hands of the Legges, Landals and Nétumières, related to Richard de Villerville. It has therefore remained in the same family through the centuries.
Since 1946 the castle has been renamed La Ferme du Château and belongs to the De la Porte des Vaux family which produces biodynamic organic fruit and vegetables.

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