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Visit of Villers-sur-Mer - The presbyteral manor

24 Street of General de Gaulle


Dating from 1750, this presbytery is typical of Norman architecture and the Pays d'Auge.
It was threatened with destruction twice at the end of the 1904th century before becoming municipal property in 1977. Thanks to renovations between 1979 and XNUMX, the presbytery regained its original appearance.
We thus rediscover the original half-timbering, and above the entrance door of the presbytery the ornate crosses of Saint-André, a rare feature in the Pays d'Auge. Finally, a glass transom with small ornate woods with a half-hanger covers the door, in harmony with the crosses.
The building located to the west of the presbytery is an old sheepfold from the second half of the XNUMXth century which was in the marsh of Villers. This building has been moved piece by piece from the marsh to its current location.

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