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Visit of Villerville - The Hôtel des Parisiens

Abel Mahu Street


Built in the middle of the 1897th century by the same architect of the Hôtel Flaubert in Trouville-sur-Mer, the Grand Hôtel des Parisiens was a Mecca in Villerville. Deauvillais and locals rushed there for the "five o'clock" and sometimes linger there until dinner, sometimes in the hope of meeting Mistinguett or the Duke of Windsor. Very aside, Oscar Wilde also stayed there in XNUMX.
In the 20s, Abel Mahu, a villager opened a restaurant within the hotel. Classified two stars in the Michelin Guide, the restaurant is one of the best in the department and all of Normandy is thronging its doors. An emblematic figure of Villerville, and also mayor in 1945, the rue des Bains will take its name from his death0

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