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Visit of Villerville - Place du Bouloir

Bouloir Square


Until 1830 Villerville was only a fishing hamlet with half-timbered houses, the only street of which had no sidewalk or lighting. It was in 1850 that everything changed when the railway moved to Normandy between Paris-Lisieux and then to Trouville-sur-Mer in 1963. It was then easy for Parisians to come and discover the coast and Villerville developed then, especially with the opening of the Hôtel des Bains and the sea bathing establishments. The typical and authentic side of Villerville seduces many artists-painters including Ulysse Butin, Charles François Daubigny and Edouard Jospeh Dantan.
All three have produced numerous paintings on Villerville with the subject of cliffs, the beach, fishermen, Graves and even local folklore. All three stayed in the heart of the village and Dantan lived on Place du Bouloir.

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