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Visit of Villerville - The Allée du Jardin Madame

Alley of the Jardin Madame


When Villerville developed with the arrival of the train, many villas emerged in the city center where artists, men of letters or musicians came to stay each summer.
Gabriel Fauré, Charles Gounod or the Queen of Naples come to the villa "Beauregard", Georges Feydeau settles in the villa "Jardin Madame", Mistinguett chooses the villa "des Marmousets" while the actress Paule Andral opts for the villa "The Jasmines".
The Hotel Le Bellevue, located higher, also emerged during this period, in 1910, more modern and comfortable than the first hotels on the coast. This hotel-restaurant, still open today, has a clear view of the sea and the coastline.

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