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Visit of Villerville - The Parc des Graves

Coastal Route


Protected and landscaped, the departmental natural area of ​​Parc des Graves offers 800 meters of footpaths, rest benches, picnic tables, games for children and a gazebo which offers a very beautiful view of the sea.
There are wild plant species, vestiges of the pleasure gardens of yesteryear, as well as recent plantations and ponds. The "Hôtel des Graves" today houses ducks and water hens. The Park is also home to six goats, known as ditch goats, nicknamed "bramble-eaters" for their ability to eat all kinds of plants. Their objective: clear the entire surface and stop the proliferation of brambles and invasive plants on the site. More recently, five Warré hives, inhabited by black bees from Calvados, have been installed in the park in order to help repopulate them.
Before being a nature reserve, the Parc des Graves was a place of habitation for fifteen houses. In 1982 a major landslide forced residents to evacuate the premises.

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