Since 2017, Le Festival Planche (s) Contact invites a cultural personality, loving and practicing photography in parallel to his own career. In 2018, Vincent Delerm succeeds agnès b. The festival invites him to exhibit his photographs and to choose two of the festival's eight public commissions: Pierre Cattoni and Franck Hédin.

© Vincent Delerm, for Contact Board (s) 2018, Deauville
© Pierre Cattoni, for Contact Board (s) 2018, Deauville
© Franck Hedin, for Contact Board (s) 2018, Deauville

Deauville is a party
Fifteen years ago, I remember performing the song Deauville without Trintignant one evening in Deauville.
It was in the Salle Elie de Brignac (the yearling sales room) so obviously it smelled a little of hay and horse.
Touring life often reserves these kinds of unusual moments.
A concert hall lost in the middle of a forest, a Cultural Space backed by a shopping center, a dressing room with windows overlooking the sea.
So much so that after three tours, in 2008, I decided to systematically take with me a silver Minolta received for my twentieth birthday, and of which I had not done much until then.
To keep track. In order to be able to tell afterwards "how it was"
So I started to photograph the life of the show, the journeys, the concert halls in the afternoon, the cities crossed in the early morning and, little by little, I started to photograph life itself.
Certainly this is the only thing that really interests me, whether it be writing songs or photographing: to give to see, to feel life.
I am really proud to have received this proposal from the Festival Planche (s) Contact.
It touches me all the more because as a (Haut-) Normand, Deauville is linked to my first memories of beach, of arrival on the sea from the heights and to a somewhat strange charm that as a child I didn’t couldn't quite figure it out.
I'm not sure I can get to the bottom of this mystery, or want to, but the prospect of spending time photographing Deauville and then being there for the next Festival just makes me very happy. !
Long live Trintignant, long live hay and long live photography!


Like Vincent Delerm who invited him for a creation residency in Deauville, Pierre Cattoni came from the musical world. While working as a project manager for the record company Tôt ou Tard, notably with the group We Are Match, Pierre Cattoni fell in love with photography. If he has practiced it since his adolescence, it is the discovery of a film camera that grabs his attention and pushes him to devote an increasing part of his free time to image. His pictures are snapshots of his personal life in Paris, and of the trips he has been making for four years now. In search of ordinary beauty, of a poetry of the unexpected, he lets himself be carried away by everyday scenes and tries to restore the emotions he feels there.


It was during a trip to Detroit, United States that Franck Hédin, born in Limoges in 1971, fell in love with black and white film photography. Immediately, while working in the musical world, the photographic medium became essential to him. From then on, as an extension of his career as a composer-director in music, film and vintage cameras, of which he is a big consumer, echo his way of recording and producing. More particularly, he likes the relation to time that analog photography supposes. Take time for shooting and reflection, development and printing. A work of meticulous craftsman and without artifice, similar to his analog productions on tape magnetos which he has made a specialty.


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