Villers-sur-mer - Le Villare - May 4 & 5, 2019


The 5th edition of Villers Games makes part of the videogame festivals of the Grand-Ouest region.

Let’s play! Two associations of video game and digital lovers meet at the Le Villare associative and cultural centre of Villers to let people share their passion. You can find about forty video game posts, consoles dating back from the 80s to present days. Tournaments, online matches, initiations and discovery sessions are also scheduled. A family weekend full of activities that is also an opportunity to discover or re-discover video games, their present, their past and their future!

Video games account for a large share of cultural economy. Video games are found in amusement arcades, at home - game consoles - and also on smartphones. The progress of technology has led to an increase in the amount of gamers. A French person out of two uses video games three to four times per week. Video games may concern cinema, music, graphics, literature and sometimes become a real work of art.