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Villas district

Behind the seafront, a district made up of villas, many of them from the beginning of the century, aligned with the street or slightly set back. Unlike those on the seaside, aristocratic, the villas are medium in size, sometimes semi-detached. The atmosphere is peaceful, the small planted front gardens give a green tone to the whole.

Visit the streets of Gheest, Pasteur, Raspail and Laplace as if you were in a museum to discover the facing of the walls - false pan of wood, checkered brick and stone - and the lively roofs. This harmonious and calm whole is reinforced by the openwork fences and hedges.

André Citroën, who likes spending time in Deauville, opened in 1928 in this area of ​​the villas a garage and an exhibition hall for his cars (the current Morny Cinema - address to put).
In addition to the models of the time (5CV, 7CV, B10, B12, B14), there are auto-tracks. They were built for the Yellow Cruise. One of them will be active for a long time on the beach to take bathers to the sea.

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