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Villas of Villers sur mer


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The seaside resort of Villers-sur-mer has a rich architectural heritage in the heart of lush greenery. Its layout and its amphitheater urban planning mark the identity of this sea town and make it a privileged setting for visitors who love authenticity and picturesque.

The resort is rich in numerous villas, some hidden, with varied and ornate styles, testimonies of the Second Empire and the "Belle Epoque". On the heights, On the latter, many villas compete in elegance to embrace the sea view. All of these houses constitute the true historic heritage of Villers

In the city center near the seaside, where space is scarce and highly sought after, magnificent and opulent old villas with red bricks and slate roofs seem to compete for a beauty contest. Many villas also have magnificent gardens with abundant vegetation, subtly providing shade and sun.

To observe these villas, stroll along the beach on the promenade, to end your journey at the foot of the Falaises des Vaches Noires, where it all started. Finally, for the bravest, venture into the heights and on the hillside, jewels of seaside architecture await you.

The Tourist Office offers a guided tour to discover this unique heritage!

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