Villa Strassburger

1 avenue Strassburger



The most symbolic among the Belle Epoque manors

Preserved as an historical monument since the decree of October 29, 1975, this impressive manor, distant from the seaside, was commissioned by the baron Henry de Rothschild. Passionate for horse races, he had chosen a venue situated close to the racecourse. The villa was built in 1907 on the area of the “Ferme du Coteau”, belonging to the novelist Gustave Flaubert’s family since 1837. This manor, designed by the Caen architect Georges Pichereau, a pupil of René-Jacques Baumier, combined references to the academic and Pays d’Auge architecture.

The Normand style was reinforced by the creation, around the house, of a large grass park with apple trees, on about two hectares. The opus incertum bedrock is covered by alternate brick and stone ground floor and half-timbered first floor. A notable glass canopy is placed on almost all the villa façades. The profusion of architectural elements decorating the elevations (towers, bow windows, large ground-floor terrace) and roof projections (steep-faced roof, a lodge raised by a pyramid, imperial roof decorations) adorned with ceramic finials strengthen the picturesque character of this place.

External decorated details are in contrast with simple internal volumes. The entrance, oriented to the west, opens on a central hall conducting to smoking, living and dining room to the north, dining room for children, room and great staircase to the south. This staircase leads to the private apartments situated in the first floor.
Indoor, you can also admire the paintings and sculptures of artist Enrico Campagnola. Owned by Ralph Beaver Strassburger since 1924, the villa was bequeathed by its heirs to the City of Deauville in 1980.