1 rue Le Marois


This elegant structure was built during the Golden Age for a very exclusive club whose members were recruited among leading Parisian clubs and stables’ owners. It was a living place at the time, organizing receptions welcoming Parisian leading figures and celebrities of the moment. The Cercle was created few years after the foundation of the town, born from the sand in 1860, that is to say only thirteen years before the construction of this building.

Le Cercle is characterized by the Napoleon III architecture with:
- A terrace on a flat roof,
- Large windows divided by columns
- A semi-circular hall
- Windows surmounted by aedicules decorated with terracotta busts.
The villa was built using red bricks coming from the Croix Sonnet brick factory and yellow bricks coming from the Touques brick factory, both used for the Saint Augustin church.

Like 555 other villas of Deauville, Le Cercle is included in the "Architectural, urban and landscape heritage protection zone" created in March 2005. After a total renovation, the original aspect of the villa has been restored. For 11 months of the year, it hosts public and private events.