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Villa Le Cercle

1 rue Le Marois


This graceful building was built in the Belle Époque for a very select club whose members were recruited from major Parisian circles and the stable owner community. It is then a place full of life, animated by receptions where all Paris and the celebrities of passage hurry. The Circle accompanies the birth of the city which came out of the sands from 1860, barely thirteen years before the construction of this building.

The Circle is characteristic of Napoleon III architecture with:
- A flat roof terrace,
- Large bay windows interspersed with colonnades
- A rotunda in an arc
- Openings surmounted by niches decorated with terracotta busts.
The construction is carried out in red bricks coming from the brickyard of the Croix Sonnet and in yellow bricks coming from the brickyard of Touques, materials which were also used for the construction of the Saint Augustin Church.

Like 555 villas in Deauville, the Circle is listed in the architectural, urban and landscaped heritage protection zone created in March 2005. After a total renovation, the building has now regained its original appearance. It hosts 11 months of the year for public and private events.

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