Films and photos taken in public places (within the road signs showing the name of the city) are subjected to authorization and depend on the Mayor’s authority.
For each photo or film shooting request, a file must be addressed to the Town Hall of Deauville, for the attention of the Communication service.

The Communication service:
- studies your project;
- communicates your requests to the concerned services or management departments of the City;
- each service/management department studies the feasibility and establishes the need for technical advice or implementation quote of the required service;
- you’ll receive quotes and invoices directly from the Communication Service of the City of Deauville

The time required to obtain authorizations and technical interventions may vary, according to the shooting importance, from 5 to 15 working days, starting from the submission of your request.
For features, TV fictions, you are recommended to contact us and take a previous appointment, so that your production and shooting plan can be studied.
Authorization processing and issue are made ex-gratia.
Shooting on public roads is free.   
Cost to foresee and pay before video or photo shooting starts are:
- parking charge,
- highway rights’ charges,
- technical intervention costs, as the case or request may be.

Authorization for film shooting by day: 250 €/ per half-day
Film shooting at night : 600€ per night
Authorization for photo shooting by day (light material) : 100€ per day
Authorization for photo shooting at night (light material) : 200 € per night
Parking on the public domain with :
Partial obstruction of public roads : 40€ per half-day
Total obstruction of public roads : 100 € per half-day

(Half-day 8 am-12 pm)

Deauville, registered trademark:
The City has filed the name of Deauville. It is therefore not legally possible to use this name without authorization.

The City reserves the right to communicate some information to the local press about ongoing shooting on its municipality, in cooperation with the press services of the productions concerned.

Image rights:
No image rights are required for the public heritage within the field of competence of the City of Deauville (squares, bridges, buildings,…)
Buildings, architectural works, contemporary art works exhibited in public places and whose author is alive or dead from fewer than 70 years are protected by copyright and subjected to the authorization of the author himself or of his/her beneficiaries.
For real private property, rights should be managed with the owners concerned.
vehicles are strictly prohibited on the Boardwalk of Deauville.