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Remains of Lassay castle

Golf Barrière Deauville


At the top of the Saint-Arnoult hill, stands a solitary ruin that golfers can admire during their course. This section of wall is in fact the last trace of the Château de Lassay.
It all began in the 1676th century ... The first lords of Saint-Arnoult were called the "Du Mont". Their stronghold bore the name of Fief du Mont-Canisy. A few centuries later, Armand de Madaillan became Lord of these lands. In 35, seduced by the breathtaking view from Mont-Canisy and head over heels in love with his second wife Marianne Pajot, daughter of the apothecary of Anne Marie Louise d'Orléans known as the Grande Mademoiselle, he had a castle built there. Louis XIV style, in Caen stones, in just 80 days: the white castle of Saint-Arnoult. A few years later, Marianne died while giving birth to their child. Armand will die at the age of XNUMX, but he will never forget Marianne. The castle he gave her had become their refuge, but became her only refuge of sadness.
The Mont-Canisy estate remained in the family until the XNUMXth century, when the beginnings of the Revolution forced the Count de Lauraguais, a descendant of Armand de Madaillan, to flee to Paris. The white castle of Saint-Arnoult is rapidly falling into disrepair: looting, looting of furniture and works of art have plunged the castle into a very state of decrepitude.

"I am here in a castle in the middle of the woods which are so old that they say in the country that it was the fairies who built it. During the day, I walk under the beeches, like those that Saint-Amant depicted in Solitude… "Armand de Madaillan, Lord of Mont Canisy