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DEAUVILLE - Salle Elie de Brignac> August 14 to 17

Year after year, sales of ARQANA yearlings confirm their ability to provide winners of the best events around the world, at all price levels. In 2020, Deauville also had an exceptional sale: a yearling was allocated to 2,5 million euros. The female is the daughter of Dubawi, a star stallion considered one of the best in the world.

Deauville is the first place for thoroughbred sales in France and the second on the European market. Deauville sales have now become a real quality label in the racing sphere and bring together in August all the professional categories of the horse world in the heart of Normandy.

What is a yearling?
A yearling is a foal over one year of age. As thoroughbreds are exclusively conceived by natural breeding (no artificial insemination or embryo transfer), foals are born at the beginning of the year until May-June. They are therefore 14 to 18 months old when they step into the ARQANA ring.

The program
Yearling Sale: First sale exclusively reserved for yearlings of the year, the historic August Yearling Sale welcomes the best of French production and a high-end selection of foreign foals (Great Britain, Ireland, United States , Germany ...). A prestigious event where the excellence of the offer attracts buyers from all over the world, it takes place during the unmissable Meeting de Deauville Barrière just a few meters from the Deauville-La Touques racecourse.

Yearling Sale V.2: Created in 2013, the Yearling Sale v.2 is the second yearling event in August in Deauville. This sale offers a narrow range of yearlings selected for their precocity, capable of performing well in races from the age of 2 years. A sale with a specific identity which progresses each year, driven by the very good results on the track of the horses resulting from the sale.