March 22, 2018

#FridayReading - "Lounès Matoub: No to the madmen of God" by Bruno Doucey

A moving biography of a freedom fighter

On the occasion of the Festival Livres & Musiques, the City of Deauville will welcome Bruno Doucey for a musical and literary meeting. Poet and publisher, he will pay tribute to these singers and poets engaged as Lounès Matoub, Kabyle singer honored in his latest book: Lounès Matoub: No to the madmen of God. This is the favorite of the week for this #ReadingFriday:

The story

Bruno Doucey, Lounès Matoub : Non aux fous de dieu, Actes Sud Junior

In the terrorized Algeria of the 1990s, a poet's voice is raised against fundamentalism and murderous madness: that of Lounès Matoub, a singer from Kabylia, whose texts invite freedom and joy of living. Kidnapped and sequestered by a GIA commando, he was finally released. He then successfully pursued his career in France, but nevertheless lives under the threat of assassination. Unfortunately, this threat became a reality on June 25, 1998, on a road in Kabylia.

To learn more about Bruno Doucey, click here.

What can you say to the Godless who condemn you because you don't think like them? Who sow terror and impose sharia law. Who slit the throats or behead miscreants. Who abominate music and poetry. Who want to lock up half of humanity under the hijab.

Books & Music Festival

The revolt in art


The Deauville Book & Music Festival is fifteen years of creative encounters, where words and notes intertwine to reveal their common and mutual inspirations. On the occasion of the anniversary of May 1968, the Festival will examine the way in which literature and music have accompanied the great movements of revolt. The program will focus on protest literature and music. Access to the Festival is completely free.

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