Sell on the inDeauville online ticketing service

The ticketing platform allows travelers to to book emblematic local activities from their smartphone, tablet or computer. The aim: to create emotionally-charged offers in line with the aspirations of those who have chosen to spend time here, and to showcase the assets of inDeauville, the area's businesses and its key players.

A policy of identity products

As inDeauville's experiential offerings are constantly renewed and evolve with the seasons and events, three types of products are marketed on the platform:

  • The "must-haves": products that enable you to enjoy the region's most distinctive experiences (horseback riding on the beach, strolling through a dream garden, discovering a distillery, learning to horseback ride, going out to sea, enjoying the benefits of seawater, visiting the heritage, etc.).
    These must-sees are communicated in depth through a dedicated section and a thematic guide.
  • Shareable experiences: unique, one-off packages, often linked to events, that combine several complementary offers.
  • Practical services: services offered by private partners, shareholder cities and partner local authorities.

A turnkey tool

The online reservation system chosen is Regiondo, a software package dedicated to activity and leisure providers, as well as destinations. It offers many advantages:

  • Independent schedule management
  • Availability slot management
  • Instant and secure payment
  • Early booking or last-minute booking
  • Direct booking available
  • Simplified cancellation management
  • View reservations with a single click
  • Secure control of e-tickets via a validation code
  • Access to accounting and statistics
  • Instructions supplied with each account creation

8 good reasons to market on the marketplace

The service (booking, payment) not only facilitates access to standard tourist services, but also allows visitors to experience the stories of the area and its special features. Tourists are invited to step out of their visitor's clothing and take part in the "sharing stories inDeauville".

  1. Boosts sales
  2. Simultaneous purchase of services in a single payment
  3. Revenue automatically transferred to service provider's account
  4. Access to real-time statistics
  5. Free cancellation and refund
  6. Order traceability
  7. Optimized, multi-channel customer experience
  8. Visibility and awareness of

They trust us

The Centre International de Deauville ©Cassiana Sarrazin

Deauville International Center

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Cassiana Sarrazin
Le Pôle International du Cheval Longines - Deauville ©Lucile Loisel

Pôle International du Cheval Longines - Deauville

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Lucile Loisel
Arqana ©Zuzanna Lupa


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Zuzanna Lupa
Le Golf Barrière Deauville ©Fabrice Rambert

Golf Barrière Deauville

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Fabrice Rambert
Calvados barrel, Christian Drouin distillery, Coudray-Rabut © Thomas Le Floc'H

Distillerie Calvados Christian Drouin

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Thomas Le Floc'H
Les Traversées de l'Estuaire de la Seine ©Arnaud Tine

Crossings of the Seine Estuary

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Arnaud Tine
Concept Sport Emotion ©Naïade Plante

Sport Emotion Concept

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Naïade Plante
The Deauville Olympic Pool ©Naïade Plante

Deauville Olympic pool

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Naïade Plante
Parc Calouste Gulbenkian ©Sandrine Boyer-Engel

Parc Calouste Gulbenkian

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Sandrine Boyer-Engel

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