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Naïade Plante
Naïade Plante

On September 5, 2020, the double sculpture X Y - an original work created by Philippe Valensi - was installed on the Place Reynaldo Hahn, a few meters from the Place Claude Lelouch where the story of "A Man and a Woman" began more than fifty years ago. This tumultuous love story, whose romanticism has never ceased to captivate Deauville, led the sculptor to imagine this symbol for Deauville.

With this double sculpture, the echo of the film inscribed in everyone's imagination takes shape and form. For Philippe Valensi, X Y embodies a part of Deauville's genome and forever installs the mythical romance between Jean Louis Duroc and Anne Gauthier in the town that served as its setting.

X Y is also the first step in a journey of works of art that will lead from the beach to the Franciscaines, the future place of life, culture and inspiration of Deauville.

In 2015, Philippe Valensi, a doctor in Deauville, sculptor and film lover, reread Elisabeth Badinter's book X Y. This essay, which deals with the difficulty and complexity of being a man, touches him by the accuracy of its words. He then wonders about the symbol of the X and Y chromosomes. He drew them, then specified them in order to realize a double sculpture of "humanized chromosomes" intended for Deauville, where each one projects its own romance since 1966.
The work is designed and then melted in Jaipur, India. A 0.90 m high sculpture is exhibited at the Grange aux dîmes and at the Saint Pierre de Touques church since 2016. It is also exhibited in Paris, at the Kinor Gallery.

Philippe Valensi
Born in Paris in 1952, Philippe Valensi has been a physician and dermatologist since 1980. He has lived in Normandy since 1984, and settled in Deauville where he practices.
Passionate about the plastic arts, he trained in sculpture in France and Italy; he learned marble carving in Carrara and lost-wax casting in Jaipur, India. Earth, stone, plaster and resin are his favorite materials.
While pursuing a dual career as a doctor and sculptor, he has carried out numerous humanitarian actions in Africa and was President of the NGO "Dermatology Outside Borders".
His travels around the world, his humanitarian experiences and his life as a doctor have forged his imagination and his creativity. Conversely, his artistic training has given him a different perspective on his career as a doctor. He has exhibited in Boulogne sur Seine, Paris, Honfleur and Deauville.

A realization of the art foundry Bocquel

Located in Grainville-Ymauville in Normandy, the Bocquel art foundry was chosen to follow all the steps of creation of a monumental version of X Y. The company uses all its know-how to realize the ideas of artists such as César, for whom it created the famous Pouce, or Philippe Ramette.
The work was digitized in three dimensions allowing the enlargement of the original model from 0.90 m to 1.90 m in height. This enlargement was reproduced in resin to allow the realization of a sand casting. This process allows the artist to intervene and rework the mold several times before casting in bronze. The base was also designed by the Bocquel workshop


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