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Deauville opens its parasols and hoists the sails

Jean-Claude Boscher

Deauville, born of the sand and the sea, has always loved the sound of the waves, the cries of seagulls and the sight of sails swollen by the wind. Regardless of Tristan Bernard, who said "Deauville so close to Paris and so far from the sea", we also come to Deauville to see the sea and enjoy the various activities at the ports, leisure on the beach and others related nautical activities.

Young and old, everyone finds an activity to suit them, or according to their desires, to relax or discover the pleasures of the sea otherwise, by sand yacht, at the helm of a catamaran, or simply on a deckchair facing the sea.

If today Deauville has become a major seaside resort of great renown, it undoubtedly owes it to the sea ...

Francois Balogh

Deauville is my home port This is where I got my start and I remember great sailing moments in Deauville, such as the Quarter Ton Cup or the 1000 miles of Deauville. It is a city that gave me passion!

Francois Balogh Professional skipper


- 1400 meters of coastline,
- 2 ports in the city center, 1250 rings - 2nd capacity for reception in Lower Normandy,
- A maritime district, La Presqu'île, a major urban reconstruction project in the City of Deauville,
- A reputed technical body of water, loved by sailors from the North Sea,
- A sailing school labeled "French Sailing School",
- Les Planches, a legendary seaside walk around the world.

But, Deauville is not only a stopover place for boaters, numerous regional, national or international nautical competitions also make the city an essential stage in their journey. In 2007, the city revived the tradition, which made it one of the main bases for Dragon de France, by hosting the Dragon International Open in France.

Without forgetting, the numerous annual regattas organized with the support of the Deauville Yacht Club, the sailing school of Deauville, in particular the Cowes-Deauville race…

In 2013 Deauville was the stage city of the Tour de France à la Voile, a nautical meeting for the general public with international influence and in 2016 Deauville will be the starting point for the Solitaire du Figaro for the second time.

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