November 22, 2023

A new web series to draw attention to our heritage

After the seaside heritage guide, new for 2023, five short films by inDeauville are now available on the architecture of the area. This web series is a tribute to all the styles that represent the beauty of the Côte Fleurie. On your smartphone or in front of the TV, from your sofa in France or on the other side of the world, you can contemplate, admire and then immerse yourself in the lanes planted with architectural jewels, before taking your ticket to walk the streets and see it up close. On the program, five major architectural genres illustrated in five episodes, all set to music. The tone is one of elegance, mischief and joy - the hallmarks of the seaside style. This tone is also that of the master of visual impact, director Wes Anderson, from whom the inDeauville team drew inspiration.

Second Empire, Art Deco and Art Nouveau, Norman style, chalet, historicism and eclecticism are the 5 architectural styles of the Côte Fleurie ©inDeauville / Lucile Loisel / Agence Plein Format - Calvados Attractivité / Naïade Plante / Etienne Chognard
Second Empire, Art Deco and Art Nouveau, Norman style, chalet, historicism and eclecticism are the 5 architectural styles of the Côte Fleurie. ©inDeauville / Lucile Loisel / Agence Plein Format - Calvados Attractivité / Naïade Plante / Etienne Chognard

A picture is worth a thousand words

Why dedicate a web series to seaside heritage ? It has left its mark on some of the communities that make up inDeauville, particularly those on the seafront, but its influence extends beyond the coastal strip. The seaside style is truly the personality of the area. A personality that manifests itself in surprising, dazzling or playful ways, around every corner. We're seduced by its charm. With these new films, the inDeauville team invites you to look up and spot details or constants, to be amused by colors, patterns or materials, to look with the eyes of a novice eager to discover. It's an invitation to pay tribute to the creativity and imagination of the builders who left us this precious heritage. And they had a lot of fun! Imagining their resorts as unique places that reflected who they were. Villas, manor houses and cottages are astonishingly heterogeneous, sometimes true masterpieces, sometimes elegantly simple little houses. A real treasure hunt in an open-air museum.

A Wes Anderson atmosphere

Angles, shots, colorimetry and aesthetics are the result of the inexhaustible influence of director Wes Anderson, renowned for his mastery of mise en scène and set design. Through meticulous art direction, inDeauville immerses viewers in the filmmaker's distinctive aesthetic universe: vivid colors, tonal palettes, symmetrical frames, sequence shots, winks... Each film has been precisely thought out to highlight architectural details and evoke emotion and joy; every visual detail contributes to immersing viewers in the story and transporting them into an enchanting, mischievous universe where the seaside heritage reveals all its diversity and elegance.

Five architectural styles, five episodes

L'incontournable style normand, preface to the web series

The Norman style is an art form, a tribute to the history and tradition of the Pays d'Auge. Colorful half-timbering, chequered stone and brickwork, pointed roofs, bow-windows... We didn't know where to turn! A first episode on a heritage we love to bits.

Where to see it? Absolutely everywhere. Touques, Blonville-sur-Mer, Villers-sur-Mer, Deauville... The 11 communes of the inDeauville region proudly display their fine Normandy-style buildings.

Second episode, Second Empire

Elegant, sumptuous, majestic. The Second Empire movement - whose most emblematic monument is theOpéra Garnier in Paris - perfectly embodies the charm and prestige of a period when architecture was synonymous with grandeur and sophistication. It is distinguished by its ornamentation, the decorations and sculptures designed to embellish the exterior walls. The mansard roofs, wrought-iron balconies and refined architectural details take us back to the reign of Napoleon III.

Where to see it? Mainly in Villers-sur-Mer with the Villa Arlette, and in Deauville with a few must-sees like Villa Le Cercle and Villa Sainte-Claire.

What to expect in future episodes

Finely chiselled wooden balconies and large openings, a skilful blend of influences borrowed from various architectural styles, raw concrete and mosaics... all terms that perfectly characterize the next three videos.

Le Chalet ©Lucile Loisel


Historicism and eclecticism ©Delphine Barré-Lerouxel


Art Deco and Art Nouveau ©Patrice Le Bris



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