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At the time of Brexit, Books & Music has chosen to explore the literary wealth of Ireland. Here is the program !

Ireland offers an endless variety of colors and landscapes, breathtaking skies. A country long torn apart by religious, linguistic and political struggles and which its openness to the world has made shine. Its inhabitants never cease to surprise us. Drunken nationalists of the open sea, they are survivors who cling to their land. They traveled, went into exile, emigrated and chose, to defend themselves against suffering and poverty, irony and humor rather than romanticism. The Irish know they are fantastic storytellers. Literature is a fundamental stake in asserting their identity. Ireland is fascinating and surprising, Books & Music 2019 will reveal many facets:
Explore Ulysse, Joyce's book-monument, with the novelist and translator Tiphaine Samoyault, evoking Beckett in her relationship to music with Geneviève Mathon who is a musicologist, highlighting the editor Joëlle Losfeld and discovering contemporary Irish literature by meeting Dermot Bolger , Robert McLiam Wilson, Lisa McInerney, Michèle Forbes, Roddy Doyle, Lisa Harding, Connor O'Callaghan, Paul Lynch but also listen to traditional tunes in the warm atmosphere of a pub… So many proposals explored in words and music!

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Sylvie ballul
Literary advisor for the 2019 edition

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