Naïade Plante

Show a warm, welcoming and lively destination



Each visual is chosen for the mood and emotion it conveys, illustrating a close relationship between people during a powerful, convivial or moving moment. Photos of groups in scenes of sharing and communion (events, sporting activities, games, meals...) illustrate the atmosphere of the region, its open and unifying atmosphere.


Adopt a relaxed and conniving register!
- Capture unique moments with strong emotional content, expressions of great complicity.
- Capture the spontaneity and intensity of the experience.
- Use tight shots to create connivance and blurred backgrounds to enhance the subjects in the foreground.
- Reveal the emotion and wonder of the moment.
- Look for naturalness in the attitude and/or interaction.
- Show the pleasure of being together and the happiness shared.
- Capture the gaze of the photographed character(s). Capture the variety of atmospheres and emotions
- Choose soft lights, favoring the density of the color.
- Vary the settings by enhancing the materials (e.g. sand, wood...) and the lights (e.g. sunrise, lit night...) to reflect the diversity of the atmospheres.

Sandrine Boyer Engel

Showing an inspiring and inspired territory



The welcome of talents from all fields and all horizons and the constant cultural initiatives are one of the reasons for the strong attendance of our territory.
The visuals highlight the creativity that is expressed everywhere (cinema, photography, fashion, events, gastronomy, animations...), as well as the search for sharing that drives us. To show the artistic inspiration and the spirit of innovation at work by presenting the finished creations, but also the phases of production.


Adopt an amazing and offbeat register!
- Illustrate imagination and creativity
- Present various artistic events (events, shootings, installations...) and enhance natural portraits and attitudes of the public and/or artists. Magnify the skills
- Take tight shots that emphasize the human gesture, the precision and care brought to the task, the attitude that reveals concentration and pleasure.

Gregory Wait

Show a territory that offers a multitude of positive experiences and emotions



From the ocean to the city via the Norman hinterland, there is no shortage of activities and events to enjoy a real moment of pleasure: walking in the countryside or horseback riding along the water's edge, discovering the surroundings, sailing, the benefits of the sea, family leisure activities, heritage... so many activities that unite and bring people together.


Translate the feeling of serenity and contentment
- Choose simple, spontaneous, relaxed attitudes
- Create a contrast in scale between the man and his environment to suggest the feeling of wide open spaces and to evoke the feeling of freedom.


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