In 1860, Eugène Villette, who came from Paris, opened the first photographic studio in Deauville.

From 1906 on, Jacques-Henri Lartigue photographed the events and the social life of Deauville: beach scenes, car races, tennis games, horse races, elegance contests and stays of personalities....

From 1919 onwards,the Séeberger brothers, "photographers of elegance", regularly went to Deauville in August, at the request of the couturiers, to immortalize the women dressed by Paul Poiret, Jean Patou, Chanel or Madeleine Vionnet. During their stays, they were also captivated by yachting, horse races and their rituals, polo, beach scenes and the parade of personalities.

In 1934, Roger Schall photographed Deauville for the magazine VU. After the war, Deauville welcomed, in 1950, Gisèle Freund who took photographs in Deauville

of views in the humanist vein. In 1949, Willy Rizzo was invited to photograph the restored summer Deauville , after 5

years of occupation, during the first great post-war season.

In 1951, Robert Capa immortalized the races, the Bar du Soleil and the crazy nights of Deauville, during a report for the American magazine Holiday.

Robert Doisneau will realize in 1963 an advertising campaign for Kodak and will take advantage of it to photograph the races.

Photographers from the Magnum agency will come several times, Leonard Freed in 1964, Bruno Barbey in 1966, Sarah Moon in 1970 and Henri Cartier-Bresson and Martine Franck in 1973.

In 1980, John Batho realized on the beach of Deauville, his famous series of parasols, in square formats, on Fresson paper.

It was also in 1980 that Peter Lindbergh made his first reportage for Stern in Deauville.

Carl de Keyzer, before revealing himself with Homo Sovieticus, realized in 1980 and 1981, in Deauville his first stagings.

Dennis Stock in 1985 observes vacationers.

In 1991, Elliott Erwitt gave himself up on the boards of Deauville to his smiling tracking of mischievous dogs.

In 1993, Leonardo Scianna, sensitive to the rituals of love of the beach will realize superb snapshots of couples in love.

In 2010, Jane Evelyn Atwood, at the request of Polka, photographed the Easter weekend walkers.

Fashion photography has also attracted Georges Dambier, Jean-Loup Sieff, Guy Bourdin, Peter Lindbergh and Mario Testino to the beach of Deauville, and to the architecture of its bathing cabins.


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