5 major culinary trends:
- The end of food waste: ugly fruits and vegetables, use of stem to root in the kitchen, zero waste.
- A consumer aware of what he eats: the origin of the food, the traceability of the animals, sustainable fishing, the techniques of agriculture and breeding employed and products transformed to the minimum (success of the bio, reasoned agriculture, short circuits, varied and dietetically healthy street food...).
- Eating locally appeals to and reassures the French: Made in France is a guarantee of quality for 60% of French people.
- Confidence in tradition, revisited: consumers are looking for the comfort of formulations, flavors and formats of yesteryear brought up to date, the safety of products that are recognizable rather than revolutionary.
- The return of the pleasure of cooking and the winning bet of cooking workshops: in the era of "eat well, eat healthy", cooking workshops have become a real trend and have conquered the most gourmands (cooking kits, home chefs, ...).

6 major wine consumption trends:
- Wines that are easy to drink, all year round: Consumers are mainly looking for wines that are easy to digest and drink, "Fruity, easy to drink, supple".
- Wines "outside of France" arouse a real interest: American, Italian or Spanish wines in particular, tickle the curiosity of wine lovers. The attraction of consumers for wines from the new world is of course due to their exotic character. To drink these wines is to "taste" these distant countries.
- Some of the must-try New World wines: Chardonnay from New Zealand, Pinotage from South Africa, Mendoza from Argentina, Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley (California, USA), Syrah from Australia.
- Cocktails: a fashion launched around the Spritz cocktail, mixing prosecco, Aperol and sparkling water, rosé-based cocktails, sparkling wines.
- A craze for wines from winemakers who want to work differently: some winemakers want to work outside the PDO decree. They spend a lot of time explaining their approach and why this special wine ends up as a vin de pays or vin de France and not as an AOP, valued at around 15€. These wines are often considered by wine lovers as "little nuggets" that would surely have been worth much more in an appellation.
- The appellations that are on the rise: Pic-saint-loup, faugères, crozes-hermitage and vacqueyras...


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