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The city of Deauville is attached to the foundation of a cultural policy defined by a double desire: transmission and support. The transmission of culture to a vast public, through exhibitions, collections gradually built up, and multiple mediation. Support for creation, through tools to accompany artists in their work, such as residencies. Culture for all" has a meaning in Deauville. The desire that presided over the birth of Les Franciscaines project stems first and foremost from this belief in the need to open culture in all its forms to the widest possible audience. A culture understood as much as the place of the most demanding creation - the plastic arts, the performing arts, the musical repertoires (classical, jazz, song), cinema, photography, literature... -, but also as the place of a shared experience, including about cultural practices considered less noble, associated with the art of living, which give all its meaning to a true public space, inclusive and active.
To this desire to open up culture, to decompartmentalize its borders, to desacralize its rites and dogmas, Les Franciscaines cultural project adjusts a transversal programming strategy: the three program directors think together, in a real interaction, about the exhibitions and their extensions in the spaces.
Les Franciscaines has a broad ambition, which exceeds its artistic program: to become a place to live, that is to say a place where the visitor feels at home. In a space where easy access to knowledge and surprise is experienced as an intensification of life itself, where the encounter with works of the mind, where the frequentation of visitors, significantly transforms everyone.

What is the purpose of Les Franciscaines project for the city of Deauville?
We want to give the people of Deauville and the region the opportunity to have access to a cultural life on a permanent basis. With a museum, a media library and exhibition spaces all housed in the building, we can be sure that there will always be something going on in Deauville. This cultural life will be open to all residents, but also to all those who come on weekends and have a second home in the area. In order to meet this objective of broad access to works of the mind, we wanted to create this permanent cultural venue.
In what way do you consider culture to be a central issue in any public policy, national or local?
For me, culture is an essential element of life in society. For multiple reasons. It is a central element of education, a reference point in one's own history, but also an opening onto other cultures. Understanding others through knowledge of their culture is essential. Besides education, it is a social cement, an element of sharing. And it is also a very strong element of attractiveness. In Deauville, we live off the tourist economy: tourists want to have access to knowledge "products. When they come to an area, they want to know about its history, the men and women who made this area, and what was created in this area. It is important to make culture a key element of attractiveness.
The city already hosts many festivals.
What place will Franciscans occupy in this landscape of cultural festivities?
The essential aspect refers to this specificity of a place of permanent cultural life: at any time, one can go there to be nourished culturally, and to discover temporary exhibitions. This is the real specificity of Les Franciscaines: to be a permanent place compared to all the existing festivals. The American Film Festival, created before I arrived, but also all the other festivals we have created in recent years: two classical music festivals, a photo festival, a book festival. The year is punctuated with cultural events and Les Franciscaines will be the permanent place of cultural life.

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