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After the Promenade des Planches, go behind the Michel d'Ornano promenade and stroll along the sea-lais, a vast four-hectare beachfront park that has become the preferred playground for swimmers, holidaymakers and sportspeople .

© Sandrine Boyer Engel
© City of Deauville
© Delphine Barré

You can relax on a bench, go for a walk, try your hand at jogging on your sports course or do exercises on your wooden equipment. You can enjoy the family playground for the little ones or for lovers. the "garden of hearts" to hang a padlock and perhaps exchange oaths, promises, desires or secrets ... We also meet with friends at the skatepark or on one of the two outdoor multisports fields.

Where do sea lice come from?
When Deauville was created, the beach was right at the foot of the casino. If the construction of jetties and port facilities had diverted the sea currents and favored sand deposits on the beach, the phenomenon accelerated during the winter of 1874-75, following a violent storm. It led to the formation of a shingle bank on the coast, then a valley which was gradually filled in, thus creating an area of ​​lais de mer. Over time, the private spaces were transformed into a garden, while the part town hall received sports and seaside facilities: tennis club in 1912, Pompeian baths and promenade des Planches in 1923, yacht club in 1929 (today "Le Point de Vue"), Olympic swimming pool in 1966, marinas in 1972, International Center from Deauville in 1992 ...

© Elizabeth Parker
© Sandrine Boyer Engel
© Delphine Barré

The sports route

Step by step

In the middle of the garden, hang a padlock on the heart catcher.


And maybe exchange oaths, promises, desires or secrets ...

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