April 20, 2023

A beautiful barbecue is called Deauville

It's happening at the Made in France trade show. In the aisles, the surprising stand of the ALUVY brand catches the eye with its colorful products. This manufacturer of barbecues has just launched products with a resolutely feminine look. Pascal Leblanc, deputy mayor in charge of deploying the Deauville brand, was looking for products with a qualitative, aesthetic and summery image, and suggested to the designers of this innovative brand that they develop a Deauville range. This summer, barbecues proudly displaying the Planches barrier will flood into the gardens of the Côte Fleurie.

barbecue Deauville 1460x1000

How beautiful?
So beautiful that it makes you wonder why no one thought of it before. The traditional barbecue has been replaced by a colorful object with white shoes, perfectly suited to the garden.
An undeniable asset for a female clientele, sensitive to the object and the effect it will produce.
Jean-Pierre Cauchy, one of the brand's creators, has thought through the concept of this new object down to the smallest detail. Made of painted aluminum, it is washable, and can be left outside thanks to its protective cover. The grill is dishwasher-safe and can be replaced by a plancha. So much for the essentials, knowing that a multitude of details make it irresistible.

You will have the choice in three versions:
- Marcel, charcoal/wood barbecue.
- Lulu, gas barbecue plancha.
- Sam, a three-in-one brazier that can also cook food (grill or plancha).

terracotta barbecue 475x710
Sam's brazier, Deauville version, terracotta
blue deauville barbecue 475x710
The Lulu barbecue version of Deauville
Barbecue Deauville yellow 475x710
The Marcel Deauvilleversion sunflower

Deauville how?
The Deauville collection is made up of four colors emblematic of the town.
Terracota to match the half-timbering of Norman houses.
Aquasplash blue to match the blue of the sea on the horizon.
Sunflower, in the spirit of a sunny beach.
Electric blue echoes the blue of the parasols.
It features the design of the Planches barrier... for a very Deauvillaise evocation.

Why them?
Deauville has a taste for made-in-France and sustainable products. At Aluvy, the aluminum parts are made in France, the recyclable plastic parts in the Rhône region. Only two valves and two burners are sourced outside Europe for lack of a manufacturer. The whole unit is assembled in Isère.
The marketing method is equally innovative. To avoid overproduction, production is launched only when orders are confirmed.

The icing on the cake?
A story to share. The Aluvy barbecue was invented during a period of confinement by three friends, one of whom was head of an agency in the digital sector, the other two heads of an industrial group. A sector undermined by globalization, in search of new developments.
They wanted a brand that loves life, loves freedom, loves others and is enriched by the world's diversity. A concept that fits in well with inDeauville and its values of welcome, exchange and sharing. 

Stop by Deauville Tourism to see the sunflower version of the Lulu model, a good house full of beautiful and smart products. Order online at




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