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Photographer invited to the Planche (s) Contact festival in 2011

© Lars Tunbjörk
© Lars Tunbjörk

A look at the G8 in Deauville

Lars Tunbjörk was born in 1956 in Boras, Sweden, and died on April 11, 2015 in Stockholm. He had an acid and humorous look at the world close to him: his native country and its contradictions, or the appalling uniformity of the residential areas that invade the world, not to mention one of his favorite subjects, the offices in open space. For several years (he was one of the few photographers accredited by the New York Times), he follows international events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Paris Fashion Week, or reports on sport in Dubai or the China of the nouveau riche. With his unique style - near and far frames, objective shots and cut views - his original points of view, he questions the world around us. His images were more questions than observations, which he developed with discreet humor. Lars Tunbjörk has published seven monographs. He was awarded the World Press Photo in 2005.

In Deauville, in May 2011 he followed the backstage of the G8 of Heads of State and Government and produced a report entitled: An offbeat look at the Deauville G8.