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Stanley Tucci

Comedian, director, screenwriter & producer


A little over thirty years ago, you could see for the first time on the screen a face that would quickly become a "mouth" of American cinema: a jaw protruding, sharp eyes ... These are the characteristic features of the young Stanley Tucci when he first shows up in Honor of Prizzi. Being led by the great John Huston for his first steps as an actor is a rare privilege, and it will take the budding comedian little time to get noticed and establish himself in the cinematographic landscape.

With more than eighty films to his credit, he is a master in the art of embodying the darkest characters, sometimes murderer in The Pelican by Alan J. Pakula, sometimes serial killer in The Lovely Bones of Peter Jackson but also crooked prosecutor in Kiss of Death by Barbet Schroeder or gangster in The Road to Perdition by Sam Mendes. Very recently, we have seen him brilliantly interpret a lawyer in search of truth in Spotlight by Tom McCarthy. Far from being confined to dramas, he also explores lighter registers and reveals his comic potential in films like Terminal by Steven Spielberg or Harry in all its forms by Woody Allen.
The American Film Festival will pay tribute to him in his presence.