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Tropic of Cancer

Guest at the 2017 Books & Music Festival

Haitian singer and voodoo priestess, Moonlight Benjamin moved to France in 2002 in order to perfect her musical training. She founded the group Dyaoulé Pemba, with the desire to make Haiti known through its traditional songs and poetry. She is currently performing in the Jazz Racines Haiti show, by saxophonist Jacques Schwarz-Bart and touring the world with a trio of musicians, making the Creole soul sing and vibrate. A sensual, soulful, magnificent and fervent voice, for a journey within the immense diversity of the Haitian creative soul. Bewitching like a voodoo rite.
Xavier Amblard, drummer and percussionist, obtains the professional diploma from the FNEIJ, National Federation of Jazz Schools at the Music'Halle school in Toulouse. He specializes in steel drum, in the steel bands Tropique du Cancer and Mambo Bidon, which he took artistic direction in 2007. He currently plays in the groups Trini Bird in Orléans, Mambo Bidon, Tropique du cancer and Ô-Banaka, Guadeloupe gwo-ka music. He teaches steel pan in schools, as part of the educational system: School orchestras.
Curious about all types of music, Philippe Gal finds his balance between the bass of the double bass and the treble of the steel drum. He studied classical double bass at the Geneva and Lausanne conservatories, jazz at the Marseille conservatory, arrangement with Yvan Julien and musical pedagogy with Joy Kane. In 1986, he founded one of the first French steel bands, Tropique du Cancer. He currently plays with Ravi Prasad and Catherine Vaniscotte. He has performed with musicians Sonny Stitt, Siegfried Kessler, Eric Barret, Christian Escoudé, Adama Dramé, Alain Brunet, and in the groups Steckar Tuba Pack…
In 1986, the Tropique du Cancer company created one of the first French steel bands. Since then, she has toured in France and abroad with street shows that make giant robots dance to West Indian and Latin rhythms. The show Beyond the seas is directed by Fabrice Guérin, actor and playwright very popular in the sphere of young audiences (puppet and song); The great escape of Hervé Suhubiette, it's him too!

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