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Saint-Arnoult - Pôle International du Cheval Longines Deauvile - End of August 2019

Very Cool Music Festival offers a musical getaway on electro-pop sounds in an unusual environment: the Pôle International du Cheval Longines Deauville (PIC).

Usually dedicated to equestrian sports, the PIC becomes for the occasion the place where we meet, we dance and we celebrate the summer around a drink or an oyster basket, a game of volleyball, in front of a live concert or a dj set.

The selection of artists is sharp. For its first edition in 2018, the festival welcomed 24 artists, including Marc Cerrone, Corine, Folamour and even Macadam Crocodile.
These artists share three scenes, each with its own role:
- the colorful and bucolic outdoor quarry or "La Prairie" is at the heart of daytime activities
- the big merry-go-round or "La Grange", electric and tangy, is the main stage which welcomes the flagship artists
- the little riding school or "Le Manège", located in the heart of the festival at the crossroads of the two stages, hosts bars and stands dedicated to partners

Two days, two atmospheres: on Saturday the pop and hip-hop sounds of new talents mingle with the house and disco beats of the greatest DJs. Between two concerts, take advantage of the Norman tavern to taste regional products and participate in tasting workshops. On Sundays, the festival is more family-friendly with a sweet and sporty wake-up to start the day, between jogging and yoga, followed by a brunch of chefs in a trendy pop musical background.

Everything on the festival site is made to have a good time: deckchairs, giant cushions, straw bales and large buoys are available, workshops and games (giant beer pong, molky, puck, hunting treasures ...) are offered throughout the day. The icing on the cake: shuttles provide access to the festival between the station and the center of Deauville.

Last very cool asset, the festival thinks of ecology with its pallets transformed into a bench, its dry toilets and its cardboard straws!


© Sandrine Boyer Engel


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