Five young photographers were selected from among a hundred candidates to participate in the Louis Roederer Foundation's Young Talent Springboard: Betty Bogaert, Julien Malabry, Nyima Marin, Yoann Olawinski and Felicia Simion to match their photographic universe with one of the many facets of Deauville's identity. The creations made during this residency will be exhibited in Deauville, during the eighth edition of the Planche(s) Contact Festival, from Saturday, October 21 to Sunday, November 26, 2017.
Selection committee of the Tremplin Planche(s) Contact 2017:
Philippe Augier (Mayor of Deauville), Héloïse Conesa (BnF), Babeth Djian (Numéro), Alain Genestar (POLKA), Thierry Grillet (BnF), Michel Janneau (Louis Roederer Foundation), Marin Karmitz, Bettina Rheims, Sébastien Ruiz (agnès b. endowment fund), Raphaëlle Stopin (Pôle Image, Rouen), Aurélie Tisseyre (Mowwgli).


Not from here ©Felicia Simion, for Planche(s) Contact 2017, Deauville

Romania, 22 years old

Graduated from the photography and video department of the National School of Arts in Bucharest in 2016, Felicia Simion is the youngest of the Planche(s) Contact Young Talent Springboard.
Sensitive personality, lover of art, her photography is declined in several parts. Initially turned towards the dreamlike self-portrait, her pursuit of studies at the Faculty of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology also led her to consider documentary photography with more attention. Her compositions, imprinted with the trace of the great masters of the genre, reveal a strong and mastered visual identity, between intimate fiction, almost surrealist, and documentary.
Remembering her first photograph - that of her parents on vacation on the beaches of the Black Sea, taken at the age of 13 with what she calls a "small plastic box" - Felicia Simion wishes to invest Deauville with a personal and autobiographical background. Between sweet nostalgia and romanticism, sensitivity and femininity, she wishes to relive and transpose this family memory, 18 years later, at the other end of Europe.


Residency dates: June 12-29, 2017


At the crossroads of faces ©Betty Bogaert, for Planche(s) Contact, Deauville, 2017


Born in France, lives and works in Canada, 23 years old.

Young photographer of 23 years old, Betty Bogaert shares her life between the French Alps where she was born, and Montreal where she currently lives and works. With a degree in Multimedia and Internet, her interest in images and light led her to consider photography with more attention.
Lover of travels, Betty Bogaert's photographic practice is in a documentary vein. Her camera and the time she spends on the road are initiators of exchanges and sharing that she places at the heart of her images. At the origin of a photography that she wants to be intrinsically turned towards the other, her eye constantly lingers on the individual and the way each one interacts with his environment. Her thoughtful compositions, with controlled colorimetry, are imbued with a gentle humility.
His series "Vie de Rang" was the subject of an exhibition at the Promenades Photographiques de Vendôme, in 2016.


Residency dates: June 12-29 and July 17-31, 2017

Fièvres Ephémères ©Julien Malabry, for Planche(s) Contact 2017, Deauville

France, 36 years old

Son of a military man, Julien Malabry embraces his photographic practice within the very particular framework of his 10-year commitment to the French army. Honing his eye and his sensitivity to light during his missions, the accuracy of his frontal framing seduced the Festival's selection committee.
Witness of a world that oscillates between modernity and tradition, his images are supported by a leitmotiv assumed, but fought, which states that "habit kills the look". His photography then becomes the flagrant reflection of a silenced abandonment: man ceases to consider the past as part of the present, his gaze loses interest in the elements of daily life. Julien Malabry questions and tries to reverse a particular relationship of man to the world. His photographs, regularly taken in medium format, are bathed in a white light that supports a real force of proposition, in the imposition of forms.


Residency dates: May 9-18 and June 12-29, 2017

Le souvenir des marins ©Nyima Marin, for Planche(s) Contact 2017, Deauville

Born in Greece, lives and works in Paris, 29 years old

After studying physical sciences, Nyima Marin entered the ENS Louis-Lumière, from which he graduated in 2012. In his early years, his interest and work in color led him to produce fashion-oriented series, which would notably earn him a nomination among the finalists of the Picto Prize for Fashion Photography in 2015.
Considering photography as the place where form meets memory, Nyima Marin is gradually moving towards a more personal and intimate photography. He wishes to question the uncertain position of the image between aesthetic object, work of fiction and intimate document.
His latest photographic proposals remind us of the compositions of the Japanese masters of street photography: intense black and white, with a marked grain, supported by compositions and lines of force that energize the images. His use of color also shows a genuine interest in the photographic series, in which he masters the sequence and atmosphere.


Residency dates: May 9-16 and June 12-21, 2017

To the sea, after which we must run ©Yoann Olawinski, for Planche(s) Contact 2017, Deauville

France, 24 years old

After graduating in Corporate Finance in 2016, Yoann Olawinski decided against all odds to cross France on foot, for an initiatory and photographic journey of over 3000 kilometers.
Traveling photographer, he brought back from his 105 days of walking a documentary series, L'Excursion, made of funny and comical daily scenes, images taken on the roads, according to a meeting or a sunbeam. Self-taught photographer, his eye stops on one of the laughing, an original composition, the tattooed skin of a woman with bleached hair. In this posture of relentless stroller, he wishes to live and question the fantasies that haunt Deauville and its image.


Residency dates: May 9-19 and June 12-29, 2017


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