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Carole trebor

Invited to the 2018 Books & Music Festival

Before writing for young people, Carole Trébor was a historian, specialist in Russian cultural history and director of documentaries (,,, Silence it grows on France 5). After writing sings (Merci l'ours, Noctambule, Au cirque Fanfaron), she started writing novels for teenagers.

His historical-fantastic trilogy Nina Volkovich, which took place in Russia in 1948, was well received by adolescents and a great critical success (twelve literary prizes in 2013-2014). In 2015, she is one of the authors of the saga U4, a real phenomenon in teen literature. Being Parisian, she wrote the volume dedicated to Jules, the survivor, who lives in the capital (U4. Jules at Nathan-Syros).

After this foray into a post-apocalyptic universe, she is happy to meet with Light, Svetlana's journey the historical-fantastic genre that she likes.

Rebellious is the first purely historical novel she writes for the centenary of the Russian revolution.